Natura Sugars

Crafted to lock in, rather than refine out the natural molasses of the sugarcane juice, without added colourants, additives or preservatives - just as nature intended.


Our truly unrefined sugars are made from lush ripe canes cultivated in the tropical island of Mauritius without having recourse to any process of genetic modification. Cane varieties are developed by traditional plant breeding methods. There is no genetically modified cane in the sugarcane fields in Mauritius, hence sugar produced is not derived from or contaminated with transgenic cane.


The Craft

Sugarcane stalks are simply washed and crushed to extract cane juice, which is clarified to remove any suspended solids. The resulting clear juice is evaporated into a thick syrup which is crystallised and separated to create a range of Special Sugars with varying textures, in a spectrum of natural colours. Our sugars are neither bleached nor irradiated (treated with ionising radiation); they have not been decolourised by ion exchange or using activated Carbon.


Our Sugars

Discover our extensive range of truly unrefined Special Sugars and rediscover the taste of sugar!

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